Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We have a go guys!  I start my birth control in a week or so for our first IVF treatment.  I am scared like non-other.  Not because of the procedure, but because I really don't know if it will work.  What if it doesn't?  Where does that leave us?  I would be COMPLETELY devastated.
Here is another kicker.  Jeremy got another Semen Analysis done.  What did it show? His sperm is getting worse.  Yep--he probably has about 6 months left of carrying anything that is fertile.  The doctor recommended that we freeze some samples from him for future siblings.  I really hate this crap.  I'm supposed to have the timeline for fertility--not my husband.
But the good news! We caught it and are doing something about it in time.  We just have to get this show on the road.....
So, birth control for about 30 days, then some other meds, then we start stimming my eggs to grow nice and big, and then they get taken out to get fertilized.  If everything goes as planned, we will be doing the actual procedure in June with a beta date of July 4th! AHH!
How we made this possible:  awesome women and clinics who donate meds.  There are $4K in meds in my name now that I didn't have to spend a penny on.  How awesome is that?  I still can't believe it.  We are now looking at the $9K price range--$8K of which we have! Mommy is helping out with the rest!
So there isn't much more to it....just wait until I start the meds.  I want to start them...NOW!  Can I?  Pretty please?  I want my baby belly.  I want to cry those happy tears I have waited so long to do when I see that flickering heartbeat on the ultrasound screen.  Guys, by this time next year, I could be a mommy.  Okay, forget that....in my attitude of staying positive...I will be a mommy by this time next year.  Can you believe it?  I will have my first mother's day without the tears and the pain, the wishing and the hoping.
I just need to keep the dream moving and the hope and prayer strong.......

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